Empress Hoop Earrings in Bronze and Amazonite

Empress Hoop Earrings in Bronze and Amazonite

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 Empress Hoops in  Bronze and Amazonite

Empress Theodora                                                                                             

Empress Theodora, the inspiration for my Empress collection.
A champion for women's rights and one of the most influential women of her time.
Her father was a bear keeper at the circus where she later became an actress. She met Justinian (nephew and heir of the emperor) who was so taken by her that he had the law changed in order to marry her.

She was very intelligent and was the chief advisors of her husband and Emperor Justinian. She is credited with influencing the reforms of laws so that women had property rights after divorce, forbid exposure of unwanted infants, gave mothers guardianship rights over children, forbid the killing of a wife who committed adultery as well as closed brothels and created convents for ex-prostitutes to support themselves! She did all this during the Byzantine period between 525 - 548 AD.
That was one impressive woman!

Empress Hoops

  • Hoop- 33mm x33mm (3.3cm x 3.3cm)
  • Full earring length - 43mm (4.3 cm)
  • Metal -  Bronze and gold filled wire
  • Centre stone - Amazonite, 15mm x 10mm 
  • Process - Hand carved-lost wax

*All jewelry comes beautifully packaged and ready to gift