About me

My Jewelry Story

I was the girl with the sketch book in hand and her head in the clouds. After high school I explored just about everything under the arts; photography, make up artistry, acting... I even attempted to sew my own clothes which didn't go so well (my skirt fell apart as I was wearing it!). At the time I was also making beaded jewelry but I never considered it a career option until a friend offered to organize a jewelry sale to help pay for our trip to Europe. The sale was a success and it sparked in me the love for jewelry that I continue to cultivate today.

My love of making miniature treasures took on a new level of craftsmanship when I embarked on a two year goldsmithing  program in Cordoba, Spain. Even though I didn't know anyone or speak the language, it turned out to be a life altering adventure where I got to live out my dream of living in Spain and dance Flamenco.

After graduating I received a scholarship for an apprenticeship in Hamburg, Germany. These journeys not only gifted me with the skills for my trade but also gave me some amazing memories and life lessons. You really can do just about anything if you truly want it and are willing to put in the work!

Being a goldsmith allows for my creativity to have a voice, I never tire of the exhilaration I feel when materializing an abstract concept into reality. I continue to expand my jewelry collections in my studio in Toronto, Canada.