Many of our designs that don't feature rough gemstones are customizable. Our jewelry customization process enables you to personalize your piece by choosing from a variety of gemstones and metal options, including bronze and silver as well as white, yellow and rose gold in 10k,14k and 18k. Additionally, we offer slight modifications to existing designs, ensuring a unique and tailored result.

We are no longer accepting custom work using rough gemstones.

Why this change?
Rough stones are inherently unique making designing with them unpredictable and challenging when trying to replicate exact designs in custom orders.

What does this mean for you?
Ready made pieces: if you come across a piece featuring rough gemstones that captures your heart among our ready to wear collection, we encourage you to make it yours as no two stones are alike. These ready made pieces are truly one of a kind.

Keep an eye out for the "Customizable" or "One of a Kind" tag on our listings to easily identify which jewelry p